Hi, I’m Sarah!

Wife, Mum, baker of treats and owner of Kabl. 

Life is a magical, busy, go-go-go kind of journey. We’re here, there, and everywhere and most of the time, our hands are full. While we know that women are superhumans and arguably the best jugglers known to mankind, we could all use a little helping hand along the way. 

As we move through our jam-packed lives and never-ending to-do lists, our phones are being dropped, lost, and buried at the bottom of our bags a little too often. 

A small investment in the right phone case today saves you from the big cost of phone replacement and repair tomorrow.

Kabl offers you a stylish solution: wearable phone cases to bring freedom and flow to busy women – the kind of phone case that makes you feel like you have your life together (even if you're a hot mess #beenthere)

The little things are the big things, and sometimes the most basic changes make the biggest impact. Kabl is here with solutions that add more joy, more ease, more style to your world so that you have the freedom to thrive every single day. 

Cheers to you for being here. We’ve got your back...and your phone

Sarah xo